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NZL - Mount Hutt - Portrait 22.jpg

Selfportrait at Mt. Hutt / New Zealand

Roger Gfrörer


I am a Swiss based world travelling skier.

Born 1971 in Switzerland.
First ski experience in 1975 in Leysin.
Visited 681 resorts and skied at least 5712 lifts
in 22 Countries (2022)


You can find the actual statistics here: Liftstatistics


I am an amateur, meaning, that I have real job and I am not paid by anyone for my ski trips. I even paid the tickets by myself (exceptions were Glacier3000 and First).

For feedback, ideas and other topics, send me an email

I look forward to hearing from you.

More about me

It's not that easy to collect the data. So if your numbers are high too, send me an email!

I try to publish the big shots in our community here. Thank you!

Oliver Kern:

Oliver Kern is the creator and owner of the biggest skiresort database

He is owner of many world records

(but if you read carefully, you can see, that he does not claim one specific world record Link


His record: 930+ skiresorts by the end of season 2021/22

Jimmy Petterson: Skiing around the world
My most inspiring source is Jimmy Petterson with his (now 3) books

His record: 650+ skiresorts, 70+ countries, 3+ books.

Peter Landsman 

He skied all the lifts (2381) in the USA (Link to the article). He runs a blog on

In his book, Jimmy Petterson mentions other skiers with many resorts (Skiing Around the World,Vol II, p. 20-25)

  • Xavier Nolla, 1062 Resorts / 31 countries

  • Christoph Schrabe, 472 resorts / 40 countries

In the, there was a user with the nickname of Starli, he held with 570 resorts / 25 countries in 2018.

Bows or the biggest in the game

Rules for your statistics

There are several definition about how to collect the data:

  • With two friends, we founded the World Council of Skitistics. You can find the rules here

  • Jimmy Petterson (p. 25) listed several criteria. I will publish them here later.

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