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I'm aware that my travels are impacting my carbon footprint, which is especially pertinent because global warming is putting winters at high risk. The reactions to the last article have prompted me to develop a concept with which I want to limit the consequences of my actions. And yes: I know that avoidance is the best measure.

Decision guidelines

  • In Switzerland I try to use the public transport for leisure activities whenever possible.

  • Ski trips that involve a flight should be combined with other occasions such as visiting family (2021), friends (2020/2015) or business events (2019/2016) whenever possible.

  • For car rental, preference should be given to small models, electro over hybrid over gasoline over diesel.

  • In hotels and motels, small rooms should be booked, even if they are often the same price as bigger ones.

  • No new equipment is purchased if the old equipment can still be used.

Compensation rules for ongoing trips

  • Emissions by plane and car will be compensated by myclimate.

  • For each new lift I ski during a winter a tree will be planted by

I hope that with this plan I can at least reduce my footprint that I am causing with my travels. Besides that, I also try to contribute with not having kids, not owning a car, not owning a second house/flat, laundry at low temperatures and not using dryers, use the e-mode at dishwasher, eating almost no meat and never use a BBQ, voting for the CO2-laws and elect one of the Green Parties in Switzerland.

Footprints of the tours


Grand Tour of the North: Follows


If you have more ideas about how I can reduce the impact of my travels I am grateful for your message to Thank you!

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